Fresh Whole Turkey - Deposit to Reserve (PICK UP ONLY)

Fresh Whole Turkey - Deposit to Reserve (PICK UP ONLY)

A flavourful, uncooked, whole turkey for the holidays from local Ontario farmers in Exeter and Elmira, Ontario. 

Price is a deposit to reserve your turkey for pick up on select dates for the holiday. The remaining balance of the turkey is paid for in-store. Price is $5.40/lb


A Note About Fresh

Hayter's turkeys are fresh. That being said, Hayter's family holds the turkeys at below zero temperatures for food safety. Occasionally, we find that the low temperatures cause them to get crispy or even freeze.  If you find your bird is icy, use the water-bath method to thaw or brine it over night.

Turkey Size

While we do our best to provide a turkey in the size range requested, turkey sizes are completely dependent on the weather and eating habits of the birds.