Angus Beef Side DEPOSIT

Angus Beef Side DEPOSIT

Quarters are custom-cut to your liking, flash-frozen, pre-packaged, and ready to go in boxes.  Price of the Angus side is $7.50/lb (minus your deposit).

What do you get in a quarter of beef?

(A side of beef is approximately double this amount)

4-5 t-bone steaks
2 wing steaks (bone-in New York striploin)
3 sirloin steaks
3 round steaks
2 rump roasts
1 sirloin tip roast
5-6 prime rib steaks or 2 prime rib roasts
2-3 blade roasts
1 short rib roast
1 cross rib roast
1 bag of soup bones
6 lbs stewing meat
45 lbs ground beef (quantity depends on how lean you would like it)

* The quantity of cuts varies depending on your cutting instructions for the butcher and the size of the animal. The above is a mixture of the front and the hind as an example of the various cuts.

Our Aberdeen Black Angus Beef is sold based on the dressed weight go the animal - which is the weight when they are first hung to begin dry-aging. As the meat ages and tenderizes, some weight is lost due to the evaporation of moisture in the meat. Weight is also lost during th trimming and cotton pprocess when some fat and bones must be discarded. An average sized quarter weighs around 170-200 lbs and will lose 25% of its weight through these processes. Please keep this weight reduction in mind when placing your order.