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Quarter of Angus Beef DEPOSIT

Quarter of Angus Beef DEPOSIT

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Please note it can take 4 - 6 weeks for aging, processing and packaging. The butchers will contact you with anticipated completion for pick up/delivery (the date you select at checkout won't apply to side/quarter orders). 

Quarters are custom-cut to your liking, frozen, packaged, and ready to go in boxes.  Choose between the hind ($8/lb) or front quarter ($7.55/lb).  Hanging weight is typically 150-200 lbs. 

Learn more about bulk beef by reading this Buying a Side of Beef: Everything You Need To Know

Our knowledgeable butchers can make suggestions when filling out Heatherlea's Cut-Sheet. Please reach them at

 * The quantity of cuts varies depending on your cutting instructions for the butcher and the size of the animal. 

Our Aberdeen Black Angus Beef is sold based on the dressed weight of the animal - which is the weight when they are first hung to begin dry-aging. As the meat ages and tenderizes, some weight is lost due to the evaporation of moisture in the meat. Weight is also lost during the trimming and deboning process when some fat and bones must be discarded. An average sized quarter weighs around 150-200 lbs and will lose 40% or more of its weight through these processes. Please keep this weight reduction in mind when placing your order. 

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