Low & Slow Butcher Box

Low & Slow Butcher Box

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Get out your dutch oven, crock pot or instant pot for these rich, flavourful cuts. These are typically cooked low & slow but are definitely worth the wait! This box contains various cuts of our dry-aged Angus beef, along with beef stock to use when cooking these meats.

3 lbs chuck roast

3 lbs rump roast

4 lbs beef shanks

3 lbs tri tip

4 lbs stew

8 lbs brisket

4L beef stock

*Butcher's choice of sausages, we have lots of delicious flavours that you will surely love! Made without fillers, eggs or bread crumbs.

Please note that weights listed are approximate. Butcher boxes are assembled to price not weight. There are no substitutions, except for cuts that are out of stock. In the event a meat cut is unavailable, Heatherlea will substitute a similar product.

Note that due to shortages on short ribs, we have replaced short ribs with brisket in the Low & Slow Butcher Box.